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Yoga and Massage Client Testimonials

Yoga Pose Berkshire

We have a number of client testimonials for those who have enjoyed both our yoga classes and massage therapy treatments. 


"I have been practising yoga with Fiona for 10 years now and carried on throughout my two pregnancies. She has been amazing and I have realised that yoga doesn't have to be boring and all about meditation; it has made me strong and has kept me toned by using a lot of my own body strength in my practice."
- Jayne Williams -

"Fiona is able to energise & relax you whilst offering challenges within your own limits. Her knowledge and obvious practice of yoga are truly inspiring. Her calm and positive spirits uplift and put perspective into everyday life."
- Susan Hansen -

"Fiona’s positive energy and sense of humour create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to practise and learn yoga. Her lessons are always uplifting and energising – thank you!"
- Jemima Rees -

"I have gone to see Fiona on a number of occasions complaining of aching muscles or sore joints, ligaments and tendons, and after a session of Fiona's soft-tissue work - which always demonstrates a very good command of a number of different approaches and techniques - I always walk away feeling better. Furthermore, Fiona does not practice the 'one size fits all approach' to treatment, but rather is good at tailoring approaches not just to different patients / clients (based on feedback I hear from my own patients) but to the same patient / client depending on their problem, energy levels etc. on that day."
- Michael Smith (Osteopath) -

"I've worked with Fiona for a number of years and her deep tissue and Thai yoga techniques I've found very beneficial to keep my back in shape."
- Retief Goosen (golfer) -

"Have been going to Fiona's yoga classes for years and can compare hers with the many others I have been to in many places around the world, she is amongst the very, very best. Her classes are hard but fun and she has managed to keep me strong and flexible enough to continue to enjoy surfing, despite my advancing age (64)!"
- Dennis Millard -

"I like to experience different teachers as each one brings their own style and it's good for the variety.  Fiona is one of my absolute favourites as she is one of the few who constantly reminds us to breathe correctly, explains explicitly why and how to perform the postures safely and helps us attain them by making physical corrections throughout the class. Her classes are fun and strong but she encourages us to rest when necessary and I always come away feeling wonderful.  Fiona's beautiful studio makes it even better with the fabulous view of the garden, and being fully equipped with mirrors, mats, bricks, blocks, blankets etc makes it the ultimate yoga experience!  I also like that she has quite a few regular male yogis attend which is also a testament to Fiona's great teaching. If you are looking for strength and flexibility for your body, peace and calm for your mind then this is the place to come."
- Carrie Davies -

"I have attended Fiona's yoga classes for many years and considered them to be a highlight of my week. She is a very caring teacher. There is always just the right amount of challenge to keep me interested and to make progress. Fiona has helped me to extend my own yoga practice and I am very happy to recommend her classes."
- Phyl Hyland (yoga teacher) -

"I absolutely love Fiona's classes. I always feel better for going. It's great to feel you have had a good workout and a stretch but not be sore the next day. I'm really noticing improvements in my flexibility and strength as time goes on. The location is lovely and the class size small enough that you always get personal advice which I think makes a huge difference."
- Fiona Barker -

"I have known Fiona for quite a number of years and have had the benefit of her massage treatment many times. I can say without doubt that she is the best masseuse I have ever experienced and this view is echoed by other friends of mine who know her. She can adapt her massage to the needs of her client and the result is a very beneficial and pleasurable experience. The only problem is that she has set a very high bar for anyone else to follow...."
- John Snell -

"When I first spoke with Fiona I was considering starting a regular exercise class. I had a few options to try, but after my chat, I had no doubt that yoga with Fiona was for me - she listened to my needs and capabilities with no judgement and I have been going ever since. It's a great combination of relaxation and workout and I love the fact that it is non- competitive and totally accepting, a tone set by Fiona."
- Helen Lynam -

"If you like challenging, empowering yoga, you will love Fiona's class!"
- Laura Johnes -

"Fiona's classes are uplifting and so positive that mentally I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders by the time I walk out of the door. "
- Serena -

"I have been doing yoga since my twenties, in Spain, Portugal, England, Hong Kong and Thailand. I met Fiona in 2001 after she took over a yoga class at Wentworth Club. I was so impressed by her that I started doing weekly private lessons in her lovely studio. I have lots of injuries and over the years suffered illnesses and surgeries that restricted my movement and I have always found Fiona very helpful and supportive. I love her style and individual attention in the group class. Fiona makes the class challenging and interesting but suitable for all levels. I have also benefited from her wonderful massages. Over the years I have introduced Fiona’s yoga lessons to many friends, including beginners, and all are as happy as I am."
- Itxaso Mediavilla-Murray -

"I have been using Fiona's services for over 7 years for Thai and Swedish massage. She has a very caring and professional flair about her. I love and always look forward to the massages as I find them extremely beneficial both for my body and soul as well as feeling on top of the world. Brilliant work, fantastic and unique individual . I am so lucky to have found her and will hold on to her for as long as she has her services available."
- Juliet Dianati -

"It always feels like such a treat to attend one of Fiona's classes, held in a fabulous light and airy private studio with numbers limited, ensuring lots of one-on-one attention and stretching by Fiona. The small numbers also mean that Fiona can provide lots of personal advice on technique and make adjustments, making it suitable and challenging for all levels."
- Lisa Rowe -

"Fiona is an excellent instructor who teaches great classes. I am quite the beginner but Fiona has been very supportive and encouraging. What is most important is that Fiona devotes her time to you and corrects your yoga position if it is not entirely accurate to ensure that you get the best out of your yoga session."
- Esha Kalra -

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