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Sensé Skin Care Technology


Dermal Surface Renewal (DSR)

A breakthrough in skin-care technology, this exclusive formula gently firms, refines, and smoothes the skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


A proprietary complex designed to support healthy skin appearance by promoting natural cell renewal processes. 

Proflavanol-T™ and Proteo-C™ Self-Preserving Technology

All the functional ingredients of a formula - as well as the manufacturing process and packaging - are combined to become the preservative system. In other words, "the product is the preservative."  This technique is based on a synergistic approach where multiple hurdles are employed, significantly limiting microbial activity and subsequent spoiling of the product.  In Sensé's "self-preserving" line of skin care products, no ingredients are added for the sole purpose of preserving the product.


How does it work?

This Self-Preserving Technology utilises multiple "hurdles" to kill microbes that might spoil a product or present a risk to the consumer. They include:

Water Availability

Many micro-organisms require water in order to grow and reproduce. We have selected a method of botanical extraction that reduces water activity so that it is available to moisten the skin, but is not available to microbes. This is the first hurdle microbes must jump over and some will be killed because they can't find enough water to survive.

pH Control

Microbes have an optimal pH for growth in a range of about 5-8. Most have a difficult time surviving at pH levels below 5. Low pH (3.5-4.0) is another hurdle we use in some of our products to keep them from spoiling.

Active Ingredients

One of the most clever parts of self-preserving technology is the dual-purpose use of active ingredients. Because every Sensé product is formulated with its own unique set of ingredients, each of those products also has its own unique self-preserving technology. In some of our products we use alcohol as a clarifier to refine pore size AND deliver active ingredients to the skin. In others we use chelating agents to ensure the aesthetics of the product (the look, the feel, the smell). In addition to performing these important functions, these same alcohols and chelating agents significantly increase preservative efficiency against bacteria.


Packaging and closures are a vital component in the success of Sensé's preservation system. We have improved product packaging by replacing jars with pumps and/or tubes. These enhancements are designed to reduce the incidence of consumer contamination of the product.

Exceptional Manufacturing Facilities and Processes

Self-preserving technology requires a unique manufacturing process. In fact, until we created it... it did not exist! To protect the secret formulating techniques known only to USANA's top scientific team, and to make sure we had access to an ultra-clean environment with exceptionally high quality, USANA acquired its own manufacturing facility and made considerable investments to bring an already excellent facility up to USANA's exacting standards. USANA's quality, ultra-clean, proprietary manufacturing serves as a strong hurdle to both microbes and competitors.

Patented Liquid Crystals

Yet another hurdle for both competitors and microbes is USANA's patented liquid crystal technology. USANA is the first company to develop a process to form liquid crystals of the lamellar, hexagonal, or cubic type. These liquid crystals can then be formed specifically to deliver botanical extracts, while at the same time serving an anti-microbial function. With this technology it is no longer necessary to use potentially problematic preservative chemicals like formaldehyde donors, benzalkonium chloride, parabens, DMDM Hydantoin, benzalkonium bromide, chlorhexidine, cetylpyridinium chloride, or thimerosal.

Are Sensé products paraben-free?

Sensé personal care products are self-preserving, meaning they are formulated without the addition of parabens and other traditional chemical preservatives. This does not mean that the products are, technically-speaking, "paraben-free." Because parabens are pervasive in the personal care industry, it is possible that trace amounts (used to preserve raw ingredients, for example) could be found in some Sensé products.

It is important to note, however, that such trace amounts are physiologically trivial and well below levels that provide effective preservative action. Parabens are typically added to skin and personal care products as preservatives at concentrations of ~1%. This is equivalent to 10,000 parts per million. The trace levels of parabens that might occur in Sensé products would typically fall in the 1-10 parts per million (PPM) range, or some 1,000 to 10,000 times lower.

(As a comparsion, such residues are similar to traces of pesticides found in organic fruits and vegetables. Even though organic produce is not directly treated with insecticides and herbicides, such compounds are so pervasive that they can be detected with sophisticated analytical equipment in virtually all crops, including organically grown ones.)


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