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Zero Balancing is Good for You!

Published on 29th May 2018


Updated results from the ZBTF Research Partnership has ZB Touch taking its rightful

place alongside mainstream modalities such as Mindfulness and Massage as a highly

effective means for reducing stress, anxiety and tension. The statistics stack up as


The simple average for measured stress reduction during a 30 minute Zero

Balancing session was 61% versus a simple average of 12% for clients during

their equivalent rest periods.

These findings were evidenced by objective physiological measures, such as heart

rate, electro dermal skin responses and temperature, by our independent researchers

based at the Neuro Synchrony Institute in Austin, Texas. The results were plotted on

graphs, as below, where you can see how a client settles into an equilibrium within

themselves as the session unfolds.

Pre/Post questionnaire results showed that after every ZB session participants rated

themselves more positively. The greatest positive differences were seen in a reduction

of perceived tension and anxiety, and an overall feeling of being more relaxed.

These Zero Balancing study results show how ZB Touch facilitates the release of

61% of deeply held stress in a person. And, as part of a stress management

programme, receiving a regular Zero Balancing session can support positive

changes to lifestyle and wellbeing by alleviating many of the negative health

consequences of stress, such as anxiety and depression.

Early results for brain activity during two trial Zero Balancing sessions suggest ZB

Touch might also facilitate a deep change in brain patterns more widely associated with

the benefits of meditation. We are very excited to explore this potential further in the

next round of research objectives we are currently developing.


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