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Yoga Classes

yoga postures yoga classesYoga comes from the Sanscrit word ‘yuj’  which means to yoke or bind. The definition suggests a practice based on a connection between a flexible mind and a flexible body. Yoga poses can help us improve not only our physical health but also our mental outlook. Even a small amount of practice can greatly improve one's general health. Yoga is one of the best ways to relieve physical discomfort and is safe for anyone who uses it with common sense. It covers an enormous range of body movement and is a safe, regenerative form of exercise which builds a firm foundation for good health, developing strength and flexibility in the muscles and joints.

Old age and sickness often appear first in the joints and spinal discs. Yoga postures assist the elimination of toxins from the joints, helping to keep them mobile. They irrigate the spinal vertebrae, keeping them youthful even into old age. Yoga postures also exert a gentle internal massage on the organs, glands and spinal discs, enhancing circulation and the flushing out of stale fluid.

The yoga classes are held in a private studio in Sunninghill, near Windlesham and Ascot, Surrey and Berkshire, overlooking fields and trees in a serene and tranquil environment. Each class begins with warm-ups, followed by the most dynamic part, the vinyasa, a series of flowing standing poses to stimulate heat in the muscles. The second half of the class is floorwork and we take the spine through its full range of motion with back, forward and side bends, balancing poses, spinal twists and inversions. The class ends with breathing exercises, a deep relaxation and guided visualisation to the sound of soft music, leaving the body feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Yoga classes in Sunninghill, Ascot, Berkshire


The benefits of a regular yoga practice are many and may be felt after just a few sessions:

  • increased strength, flexibility and coordination
  • expanded lung capacity
  • enhanced blood and lymphatic circulation
  • improved overall health and vitality.


Fiona's classes are £12 drop-in at the following times:

Tuesdays:  9.30-11am

Fridays:     9.30-11am  

Private class (1 hour): £60.00


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