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Reset and lose weight now

* delicious, nutritious, quick and convenient snacks, ideal before or after exercise
 * gluten and dairy free, low-glycaemic, high in fibre, non GMO - healthy 'fast food'!


14 servings per pack, just add water and shake

MySmart™ Shakes contain 18 gms of high-quality, complete protein, no added sugar, balanced nutrients and beneficial fats from coconut oil, only 157 calories per serving. Use for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a convenient healthy snack.

Nutritional Shake

Soy - £29

Nutritional Shake

Plant - £33.50

Nutritional Shake

Whey - £29




"After working from home for the past few years I had gained 2 stone and felt constantly tired and had no energy. I heard about the USANA RESET programme and decided to try it. I was amazed that I lost 6lbs during the first 5 days of RESET, gained energy and felt so positive. I am now into my 3rd week and have lost a stone. I would definitely recommend the plan - it's tasty and so easy to follow."
- Trudy Arif, Windlesham
"I tried the 5 day USANA Reset programme not to lose weight (though I did lose a couple of kilos) but just to get in charge of my chaotic eating lifestyle. I expected to find it very hard or boring or both. To my surprise, I didn't find either. I experienced no real hunger pangs . Actually, I didn't think about food much at all, whereas I normally do! So I think the balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins they provide (and the supplement package) must be very good. Overall impressed."
- Mike Smith, Osteopath, Sunningdale

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