Thai Yoga Massage centre in Ascot, Berkshire.

Welcome to the Thai Yoga Massage Centre

We all experience tightness in our muscles from time to time whether from inactivity, poor posture, repetitive strain or sports-related injuries. Yoga and massage are two ways of relieving tension in the muscles that help bring the body back into balance.

Attending yoga classes is an effective way to keep the body strong and flexible and bring long-term relief from back problems. Held in a purpose-built studio, the yoga classes are dynamic in style with attention given to the individual and hands-on adjustments.

Massage is a also an effective way to relieve tension and restore function and mobility to the muscles and joints. From Deep Tissue to Traditional Thai, choose the style of massage that suits you. Try a Zero Balancing session to align the skeleton and leave you feeling energised yet relaxed.

For relief of back problems, come and learn a specific yoga-based stretch routine that you can practise at home with an illustrated manual.

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